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LORD KRISHNA SCIENTIFIC GLASSWARES established in 2009 for serving the science  industry in qualitative manner. Before 2009 we are selling in our domestic region. After that , under the inspiring leadership of Er. Rahul Mittal, we have achieved a pinnacle of success. His persistent efforts for the innovation and expansion have lent us a prominent name in the field of quality lab glasswares. Since 2009, we are well known for our good quality & services. Now we are one of the leading exporters of Lab glass worldwide.

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We are the one of the largest fabricator of borosilicate laboratory glassware in India with an unparalleled reputation for the manufacture of quality products. Our products rigorously meet widely accepted Indian, British, ASTM and DIN standards. We have been in the field for over 10 years and draw upon our vast experience to maintain these high standards in our products.

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Organic Kits

Kits utilize S.T. ground-glass joints throughout and are available in three standard joint sizes. All are supplied complete with vinyl case in which components are mounted in urethane foam.


We can customize any organic Kits according to customer requirement.


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Smoke Glasswares

We customize all kinds of glass parts used in Hookah ,glass bongs like   lo-pro down stem,Bushing adapters,Heavy wall Ground glass joints,Customized glass stoppers made from Schott Glass Tubing only.

We also supplies torches used in glass blowing.

Why our products

Why Deal with us

  • Quality meets to german standards
  • Dust free packing.
  • OEM for bulk orders.
  • A class tested products

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